Woman Fights Usher for Parking Spot

Demands the singer move his car from handicapped parking.

Posted: 10/28/2011 06:38 PM EDT
Filed Under Usher

Road rage, much? TMZ reports that an Atlanta woman lost it on Usher on Friday afternoon after the R&B crooner parking in a handicapped spot. Evidently, the woman demanded Ush move his car and went crazy when he refused, screaming, flailing her arms and finally shaking up a beer and spraying it at him. A witness claims that Usher then grabbed a water bottle and splashed her back, prompting the woman to kick his car door repeatedly until he exited the vehicle. The woman's husband eventually intervened and Usher drove away, unharmed.


OMG, indeed.


(Photo: Ben Hider/Picturegroup)

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