Vin Diesel Film Shut Down

Chronicles of Riddick sequel suffering cash flow problems.

Posted: 10/29/2011 10:45 PM EDT
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How’s an action star supposed to get out of this jam? Vin Diesel has a problem on his hands: production on his new flick, the sequel to Chronicles of Riddick, has been shut down due to non-payment of the crew and studio space. The film, which was shooting in Montreal, is being produced by Diesel’s company One Race Films.


TMZ reports that the landlord of the sound stage Riddick was shooting on has changed the locks, and the crew hasn’t been paid in two weeks.


Diesel will surely figure out a solution and get production up-and-running again soon. Just think, Vin, WWRD — What Would Riddick Do?


(Photo: One Race Films)

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