Is Matt Barnes Dating Eva Longoria?

The basketball player's ex Gloria Govan thinks it's a possibility.

Posted: 11/06/2011 01:30 AM EST
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Eva Longoria has denied rumors that she's dating basketball player Matt Barnes, but the L.A. Laker's very recent ex-girlfriend Gloria Govan isn't quite buying  it. 


“I’m not sure if I think they’re rumors," the Basketball Wives star told Sister2Sister magazine. "I think at this point having been with Matt, I don’t really put anything past him. He hasn’t directly said, ‘I’m doing this. I’m doing that.’ I’ve heard from some sources that it could be a definite possibility.”


As for Barnes' alleged quick rebound? “Dang. I haven’t even been out of the house for a month. Those are the things that float around that start to get to you in your relationship. I know he denied it, but I don’t really know too much about that situation to say it’s not true, but I don’t know enough to say that it is. It wouldn’t surprise me.”


Though Barnes has remained silent on the issue—the locked-out baller probably has other things on his mind, given he's unemployed—Longoria, who is currently dating Penelope Cruz's little bro Eduardo, made a statement on her WhoSay account: "Once again, press gets it wrong, Matt barnes and I are not dating!" In the same statement the actress also slammed the press for jumping to conclusions about pal Jessica Simpson's pregnancy (that part turned out to be true).


Longoria added, "We are doing a charity event together for Padres and Athletes vs. Cancer."



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