Marc Anthony Gives Marines VIP Treatment in Las Vegas

The singer shows gratitude to two servicemen just before Veteran's Day.

Posted: 11/12/2011 08:38 PM EST
Filed Under Marc Anthony

What's almost as good as getting a medal of honor? Possibly, getting the rock star treatment courtesy of Marc Anthony in Las Vegas. Since he couldn't personally offer them a Purple Heart, Anthony did the next best thing by showing two Marines the night of their lives in Las Vegas.


According to TMZ, the salsa crooner spotted the servicemen hanging out at the Venetian Hotel in uniform, and spontaneously invited them out for a night of boozing and partying at Tao nightclub…all on his tab.


Anthony took the Marines to the VIP section and made sure everyone knew they were the guests of honor, and the top shelf liquor was flowing. 


What a nice way to say Happy Veteran's Day!

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