Jackson Family Tries to Reclaim MJ Handprints

The late singer's family insists Las Vegas relic is their rightful property.

Posted: 12/03/2011 04:24 PM EST
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As the King of Pop, Michael Jackson left quite an impression. But few were more valuable than the hand and footprints he left in a concrete slab that's currently the cause of a tense battle between its owner and MJ's family.

Jackson made the prints in 1984 for a Las Vegas hotel, which had commissioned the piece for a "Hollywood Walk of Fame"-inspired exhibit in front of its main entrance. The exhibit never happened, and the priceless concrete slab sat unnoticed in the hotel basement—until it was auctioned off years later, with a man named Andy Wilson placing the winning bid.

Now, the Jackson family is laying claim over the piece, arguing that it's the rightful property of Mike's estate. They've offered Wilson a $25,000 upfront fee and a percentage of any merchandising profits earned off the item. But Wilson is refusing, telling TMZ that the price isn't right and that he's holding out for a better deal.

What we want to know: Are they just any ol' dime-a-dozen MJ footprints, or moonwalk footprints? Makes a difference, don't you think?

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