Exclusive Look: Eve in Bounty Killer

The raptress battles corporate greed in the sci-fi film.

Posted: 08/29/2013 09:30 AM EDT
Eve, Bounty Killer

Eve has been making a slow and steady transition from rapper to actress over the past few years, with roles in films like Barbershop, The Cookout and Whip It. Now, the former Ruff Ryder is heading to the future with her newest film, Bounty Killer.

In the science fiction actioner, Eve plays Mocha Sujata, a member of a squad tasked with killing all the world's white collar criminals. The film also stars Matthew Marsden, Gary Busey and Alexa Vega

We've got an exclusive peek at the raptress in Bounty Killer, which comes out September 6. Check it out below!

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(photo: Just Chorizo Productions)

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