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Someone Flew a Flag of Kim Kardashian's Sex Tape at Glastonbury

Someone Flew a Flag of Kim Kardashian's Sex Tape at Glastonbury

Offensive banner was spotted at Kanye West's show.

Published June 30, 2015

Kanye West didn't get a very warm welcome at the Glastonbury festival this past weekend. Not only did British comedian Lee Nelson bum-rush the "All Day" rapper on stage, but someone in the audience decided to taunt Yeezy and his wife, Kim Kardashian, who was in the crowd, by flying a huge banner featuring a still image from her 2007 sex tape in the air.

The flag was printed with lyrics from West's hit "Gold Digger," but modified to be as offensive as possible. “Get down girl, get head get down,” the banner read.


To make matters even worse, several people at the fest posted pics of the flag and tagged Ray J, Kim's co-star in the tape, in the photos.

Even those who aren't typically quick to rush to Kim's defense can agree that the flag was downright rude and distasteful. Still, Yeezy didn't let it faze him and slayed during his set, anyway.

Watch below to see what people who have more respect for the talented rapper have to say about him in the BET Honors video below.

(Photo: Joel Ryan/Invision/AP)

Written by Evelyn Diaz


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