Trailer For Denzel's 'Book of Eli'

Trailer For Denzel's 'Book of Eli'

Denzel Washington's apocalyptic movie, Book of Eli, is in theaters Friday, January 15th.

Published December 2, 2009

bookofeli_posterDenzel Washington 's apocalyptic movie, Book of Eli , is in theaters Friday, January 15th. Directed by The Hughes Bros. , according to Warner Bros. the synopsis is:

The Book of Eli is an action adventure about a man who has a goal and will not be stopped. It stars Denzel Washington as Eli, who walks alone across the dangerous wasteland that once was America, driven by his commitment to this goal and the faith to see it through, whether that faith is in himself or in something greater. In a world set 30-40 years in the future, decimated by some unspecified global disaster, Eli is on a mission to bring what remains of humanity the knowledge that could be its redemption.

Check out the trailer below!

Written by Clay Cane


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