Movie Review: 'Drag Me to Hell'

Movie Review: 'Drag Me to Hell'

Summary: Christine Brown, a loan officer, makes a fatal move when she forecloses on a gypsy woman's home.

Published May 29, 2009

dragmetohellSummary : Christine Brown, a loan officer, makes a fatal move when she forecloses on a gypsy woman's home. Well, the gypsy woman has had just about enough and terrorizes Christine with an ancient curse -- to drag her straight to hell!

Review : Drag Me To Hell is low-blow foolishness, but you can't really hate a movie too much that has floating handkerchiefs, flinging dentures, killer staplers and talking goats (or was it a lamb? who cares! ). The movie is directed by Sam Raimi who is known for his work on the Evil Dead movies from the late '80's.   Thankfully, Rami has not lost his horror style, drama and sense of humor.

The best part about Drag Me To Hell is its camp-a-licious elements with dramatic hallucinations, ridiculous scream queen sequences and the reactions from the audience. Drag Me to Hell is a community event -- watching alone at home on a Tuesday afternoon might make you realize how awful the movie really is.  No, the movie is not scary. It's nearly a parody of demon possession horror flicks; nonetheless, whether or not Rami reached his artistic goal, this cinematic trash is still a joyride.

Alison Lohman , who was in one of my favorite movies of all time -Things We Lost in the Fire , is the lead as the stock blond girl in a horror flick. She hollers, cries, runs for her life and has a few moments where she fights back. Lohman does her job well and probably shared a few giggles with the crew in between scenes.

On a pure storyline level, the film is a train wreck. You will have those moments where you ask, How did that happen? Okay, this is just stupid. Get out of the house! But, then a talking animal or a possessed handkerchief hits the screen and you are warm and fuzzy again.

Overall, if you're in the mood for camp meets horror; Drag Me to Hell will give you everything you need!

Drag Me to Hell is in theaters tomorrow.

Written by Clay Cane


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