Ten Worst Films of 2011

Ten Worst Films of 2011

I've seen more films that I can count in 2011: some brilliant and others were two hours of my life I will never get back.

Published December 27, 2011

I've seen more films that I can count in 2011: some brilliant and others were two hours of my life I will never get back. So it's time to celebrate the best of the worst. Check out my third annual list of the ten worst films of 2011 (click on the quote to go directly to the review).

10. The Hangover Part II

"If there's such thing as plagiarizing your own work, Hangover Part II is the best example. Also, for those folks who drink to get plastered, fist-pump at the club, splurge on a hooker and say racial epithets for fun — you've finally found your franchise! "

9. Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

" This ship has sailed, wrecked and sunk right into a Hollywood abyss of nonsense. "

8. Martha Marcy May Marlene

" 'Indie' is a marketing label that gives lazy films credibility. Martha Marcy May Marlene is the perfect example. Every flaw can be summed up with: 'Well, it's an indie!' "

7. Insidious

" The most the James Wan film offers is ear-piercing sound effects with quick cuts to scary faces. Of course you'll jump, but you'll also jump if someone runs behind you and screams in your eardrum this is the same effect as Insidious. "

6. The Rite

" None of the greats could've made this poorly crafted, lethargic, unoriginal gush of foolishness work onscreen. The Rite is all wrong. "

5. The Thing

" Blame it on the script? Blame it on the CGI? Blame it on the director? I can't pinpoint what is to blame, but The Thing should've remained buried in 1982. "

4. Straw Dogs

" As the movie poster reads, 'Everyone has a breaking point.' Hopefully Straw Dogs is a breaking point for Hollywood to stop spitting out terribly done remakes. "

3. Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark

" Dark falls into many trappings that ruin a horror movie: Characters who stupidly refuse to leave a haunted house? Check! All gloss and no scares? Check! A spooky brunette child? Check! Previews that are better than the movie? Check! "

2. New Year's Eve

" The worst sin of New Year's Eve is the insulating presentation of New Year's Eve in the Big Apple. Hopefully, no one thinks New Year's Eve in New York City is this boring, clichéd and common. "

1. Footloose

" I never want to dance again. "

Honorable mentions: Thor , Abduction and X-Men: First Class .

Written by Clay Cane


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