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Posted: 09/11/2008 09:42 AM EDT

Posted Sept. 9, 2008 -- What you wear underneath your clothes affect the way you look and feel in so many ways. Say goodbye to unwanted panty lines and bras that pinch. Suit up in the perfect under amour, for a flawless finish.

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Super Snug - Nothing is more uncomfortable than panties that are too tight or a bra that is too small. Pulling and tugging to keep your under garments in place is a no-no! Be sure to get a properly fitted bra and make adjustments as “the girls” grow.  Beware...tight underwear have been said to increase cellulite!

Room to Spare - Get rid of the granny panties. They bunch, they appear bulky in your clothes and they are just as uncomfortable as tighties.  Make sure your undies properly fit your assets to avoid having a bumpy butt.  A bra that is too large isn’t going to support you properly which leads to sagging. So tighten those straps!

Sexy Mama -  We all have our everyday under wear and then we have our “special” garments. Your lace delicates do not have to be uncomfortable. Choose sexy under garments that offer the same relaxed fit and support as your favorite cotton pieces. You may have to increase your budget to get the quality your body deserves.

Got A Lot - If you’ve been blessed with a little extra where it counts, finding the right bra and panties may be a bit more challenging. Don’t panic, there are plenty of specialty stores and websites that have exactly what you need. The options are endless, so you won’t have to sacrifice style nor sex appeal.

Need More - If you’re a part of the itty-bitty committee, there’s hope. Push up bra’s have come a long way…they actually work now. Finally you can have the cleavage you’ve always wanted without feeling like a stuffed turkey. They even have panties that shape and contour your rear into the perfect apple bottom. 

Work It Out - It’s important to wear a sports bra when you’re exercising. Sports bras offer the wireless support needed to make working up a sweat comfortable.  The key is to find one that doesn’t flatten but encases your breasts.  When exercising, make sure that you wear cotton undergarments that allow your body to breathe.

Tip: Remember thongs have their place, so be sure to have some for times when panty lines can be distracting.


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