When Is It Time for a "Make-Under"?

When Is It Time for a "Make-Under"?

Published January 26, 2011

Like the Muppets, Kim and Kourt have taken Manhattan. And the previews of their new show prove that it is going to be more of what we’ve come to expect (and, embarrassingly, love), including Scott acting a fool, Kim looking for love and, randomly, a couple of Kanye West cameos. In the interest of keeping it Kardashian-real, we also get to see the sisters exercising in the first episode…in full faces of makeup. Large swaths of bright blush, lip gloss and, as the final kick-in-the-ass to demurity, false lashes. In a nod to the way women actually look at the gym, Kourtney deigned to do her hair in a messy side braid and Kim wore a floppy bun on top of her head.

The sisters aren’t the first ones who have reached for their cosmetic bag before hitting the gym. But there are many good reasons to be fresh-faced for a workout, including how makeup and exercise can lead to clogged pores or sweat dripping mascara painfully into eyes—and looking downright silly. Even the other reality-star Kim (of Real Housewives of Atlanta) washed her face before hitting the studio to learn a choreography routine. Couldn’t this Kim do the same?




Image: © Scott Gries / PictureGroup

Written by Ayana Byrd


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