Rihanna Acting Like a Diva?

The singer demands UNICEF Advert be re-cut because of weight?

Posted: 04/26/2011 03:36 PM EDT
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(Photo: UNICEF)

Rihanna’s allegedly a bit touchy about her weight. The svelte singer currently appears in a public service announcement for UNICEF, but before the commercial was given clearance to air, insiders report the pop star demanded that the organization re-edit the clip because she was "complaining that she looked heavier than usual." Rihanna was asked to participate in the org’s Celebrity Tap campaign, where stars auction off bottles of tape water taken from their homes in an attempt to draw attention to the global water crisis.

After viewing the spot, sources claim Rihanna asked editors to edit the shoot, which reportedly delayed the entire project, costing the organization more than $15,000. However, UNICEF organizers came to Rih’s defense, telling AOL’s The Boombox that the U.S. Fund for the organization "did not pay $15,000 for this supposed re-cut nor were we asked to do so."

Another UNICEF rep also told Page Six that the entire story is false. "We're surprised to hear that. She was not unhappy. We were very thankful. Rihanna was very collaborative and very participatory. What was shot was what exists now."

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