Tika Sumpter on the Evolution of Fashion

Tika Sumpter on the Evolution of Fashion

The actress ditches comfort for couture

Published May 18, 2011

The obsession rages on with beauty Tika Sumpter as our favorite Gossip Girl speaks to the Vogue Black blog about her fashion fix.

The gorgeous actress who also stars in The Game, claims that the stylish drama opened her eyes to the world of fashion. “The wardrobe is incredible. Learning about so many designers has been really exciting,” she says. She soon traded in her comfortable duds for a more detailed look. “Pre-Gossip Girl, I dressed for comfort. It was kind of boho chic,” she explains, noting that she now pieces items together with more purpose. “The way something as simple as a shoe or belt can lift your whole outfit.”


However, her closet isn’t totally decked out in designer decadence, as she’s a huge fan of mixing low-end purchases with her high-end favs. “I’ve learned that everything doesn’t have to be high-end. It’s about mixing and matching things and wearing what works best for you,”


Her recent purchases include two pair of flared leg trousers – one Balenciaga, the other Fendi. The girl has good taste.

(Photo: Shareif Ziyadat/PictureGroup)

Written by BET-Staff


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