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Kelis Talks Fashion Essentials With Vogue Black

Kelis Talks Fashion Essentials With Vogue Black

The cool singer reveals her style inspiration and most memorable fashion moment.

Published May 19, 2011

With her quirky persona and offbeat sense of style, Vogue Black recently delved deep into the inspiration behind Kelis’ colorful closet. They caught up with the singer while she performed in Milan for the Strongbow Gold Experience party. Kelis reveals she’s an “emotional dresser,” pulling together pieces depending on her mood.


But her foremost fashion knowledge comes from a very special person. “I was always influenced by my mother. She was this amazing woman I looked up to while growing up. I also have three sisters, but my mother was the ‘lady’ who stood out,” she says, further explaining that she’s been stylish since her adolescent years. “As a little girl I always dressed myself. All of a sudden people start bringing fashion up and asking me about my style... I wasn’t really realizing what I was doing or trying to be a part of something.”


Kelis may not claim to be an icon, but she definitely has some tips for those looking to conquer their own style. “Know your body,” she says, adding that “jeans” are never out of fashion.


Her most memorable fashion moment will resonate with most shopaholics: “Wearing Alexander McQueen shoes,” she says.


(Photo: by Henry S. Dziekan III/Getty Images)

Written by Kimberly Walker


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