Janelle Monae Lets Loose in Glamour Mag

The singer explains why the tuxedo isn't going anywhere.

Posted: 07/06/2011 02:03 PM EDT
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Janelle Monae

Classic beauty Janelle Monae is featured in the August issue of Glamour magazine, discussing her style and that one-of-a-kind voice.

Since she hit the scene a few years ago, she’s been asked numerous times why she typically wears a tuxedo, but she always gives a cool answer. “I’m just really attracted to a very tailored, classic look that commands attention,” Monae tells the mag. “The tuxedo, especially on women, does that, I think, because of the stark black and white. It’s not a trendy thing. It’s timeless. It’s transcendent. The kind of thing you can give to your grandchildren.”

The shoot was done by photographer Bruce Weber and features the ArchAndroid in a number of jazzy, robotic poses.

Concerning her singing roots, Monae says, “It’s just kinda in my DNA.” Her family has been instrumental in grooming her extraordinary pipes. “When I was growing up, both my grandmothers would play the organ and we would all sing. There’s no time that I don’t sing. I believe in that saying that you’re nothing without song.”

(Photos: Glamour Magazine)

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