Soulja Boy Inks a Deal to Bring T-Shirt Line to Stores

The rapper’s swagged out T’s have apparently added a few millions to his bank.

Posted: 11/22/2011 01:51 PM EST
Soulja Boy, clothing line, t shirt

Soulja Boy has dubbed himself the “Inventor of Swagg” but he’s willing to share the title: the rapper recently Tweeted that he inked a deal for his T-shirts that say—what else—“I Am Swagg,” to be sold in stores.

Now to hear Soulja tell it the shirts were scooped up in a multi-million dollar deal. “They want to place one of my shirts in 600,000 stores, that’s 3 milliion dollars cash. I’m crying tears of joy,” he Tweeted.

No word on who “they” is or where the shirts will ultimately retail, but the shirt is currently available on the rapper's Ocean Gang Clothing line website and retails for $30. Their brand’s product offerings also include plenty of other ways to show off your swag: among the hoodies, T-shirts and snap backs there are graphics that say “Swagg Daddy” or simply “Swagg.”

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(Photo: Courtesy Ocean Gang Clothing)

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