Poll: What’s Drake’s Best Look?

We know the rapper loves his sweaters, now he tells GQ he's all about suits. Which style side are you feeling the most?

Posted: 03/21/2012 02:30 AM EDT

Drake has waxed poetic about his love of sweaters, but as GQ magazine keeps pointing out, the Young Money star also has a knack for cleaning up nicely. GQ tapped into the dapper side of the rapper for the cover of their April 2012 “Style Bible” — their first ever style issue.

Apparently Drake’s all about balance, to the point that if he doesn’t have a reason to wear a suit, he takes himself out on dates just so he can wear one (now that’s love!). “When I don’t get to go to many places where I get to dress up, I literally pick a restaurant, put on a suit and go sit down and have a nice meal by myself. Think about everything that’s going on. Just by myself,” he said. The rapper’s noticed that people look at him a little differently when he’s all polished up. “A part of that whole thing is you put on a suit and almost command a certain respect from individuals, even in passing. Just the way people look at you, admire you, shake your hand or say, ‘Hello.’ It really brings an energy to a room.”

Whether he’s dressed down or dressed up, Drake has been using one trick for getting it right every time: “Lately I’ve been wearing all black a lot…you avoid mistakes.”

Do you think tailored suits, ties and dress shoes look best on Drake, or is his more laid back style marked by jeans, fresh kicks, heavy coats and, of course, plenty of knitwear a better style fit? Tell us in our poll!

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What’s Drake’s Best Look?

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