News: Black History Month

This Day in Black History: April 15, 1947

Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier in the MLB.

This Day in Black History: March 21, 1986

Debi Thomas won Women's World Figure Skating Championship.

This Day in Black History: March 19, 1894

Comedienne and actor Moms Mabley was born.

This Day in Black History: March 9, 1996

Tina Turner, and her killer legs, was a Hanes model.

Commentary: Black History Month Can’t Forget to Salute Curt Flood

Star centerfielder paved the way for big MLB contracts.

Party of Nine: Black Senators Celebrate Their Contributions to U.S. History

Sen. Tim Scott hosts event honoring Black lawmakers.

On the Record With ... Steve McQueen

This director proves that excellence is colorblind.

On the Record With…Alonzo Mourning

The philanthropist takes on the health care crisis.

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