Black Couple Discovers Trashed Absentee Ballots

California residents Bernice and Wardell Chavis say they are concerned after they found several ballots in a gutter near their home.

Posted: 11/05/2012 03:34 PM EST

With polls predicting an incredibly tight race between President Obama and Mitt Romney  on Election Day, making sure every vote is counted will be of utmost importance.

However, a California couple told reporters that they have found several discarded absentee ballots in a gutter near their home.

"I'm appalled," Bernice Chavis told NECN. "I don't care whether it's a Republican or Democrat or Independent. These people voted. They're Americans and they voted and they have a right to vote and their vote has to be counted."

The couple told New England Cable News that they first discovered the thrown away ballots two weeks ago while out for a walk in their neighborhood. Then last week, the couple says they found yet another ballot lying mangled in the gutter.

"Ballots in the street...we said 'No this should not be here,'" said Wardell Chavis.

Local county officials where the ballots were found say that they will look into the matter and attempt to contact the voters whose ballots were found. However, the Chavises say they aren’t taking any chances. The couple will deliver their ballots to their polling place in person.


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(Photo: NECN)

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