Chris Rock: Obama Is a White President You Can Trust

The comedian makes light of America's racial stereotypes just days ahead of what promises to be a close presidential race.

Posted: 11/05/2012 02:38 PM EST
Chris Rock: Obama Is a White President You Can Trust

Mitt Romney has been called a lot of things during this campaign season, but Black isn't one of them. 

However, just days before the big dance, Chris Rock appeared in a satirical video on the Jimmy Kimmel Show, making the case for President Obama’s re-election by assuring undecided white voters that Obama is a white man and Romney is Blacker than anyone ever realized.

“In times like these, you need a white president you can trust. And that president’s name is Barack Obama,” Rock says in the video.

Rock takes digs at the president’s nickname “Barry,” calling it the third whitest name on earth, shows photos of the president with his white grandparents and on the golf course.

“President Obama has a dog. Is it a pit bull? Is it a Rottweiler? No. It’s a Portuguese water dog,” Rock points out.

The video compared family photos from both the Obamas and the Romneys with Rock commenting that Romney's family has "more people in it than a Tyler Perry movie."

While Rock's appeal may not get undecided white voters to make the switch, at least voters can have a laugh before things get real on Tuesday.

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 (Photo:  Christopher Polk/Getty Images)

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