Ten Things to Know About Paul Ryan

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  • Who Is Paul Ryan?
  • Paul Ryan: Ayn Rand Fan
  • Paul Ryan Discovers Father Dead
  • Paul Ryan: Devoted Family Man
  • Paul Ryan: Oscar Mayer Salesman
  • Paul Ryan and RomneyCare
  • Paul Ryan's Mobile Office
  • Paul Ryan and Sanctity of Human Life
  • Paul Ryan: A Good Sport
  • Paul Ryan and George W. Bush Budget Director Job Offer
  • Paul Ryan Tunes In to Tune out

Who Is Paul Ryan?

Political junkies have been following Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan's rising star from Capitol Hill staffer to influential chairman of the House Budget Committee. But close to half of Americans are unfamiliar with the Republican vice presidential nominee, which both Democrats and the GOP are eager to change. Ryan, 42, is so far best known for authoring the GOP budget titled Pathway to Prosperity. Here are ten facts about him that helped forge his path onto the GOP presidential ticket. —Joyce Jones

(Photo: Darren Hauck/Getty Images)