Ten Things to Know About Paul Ryan

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  • Who Is Paul Ryan?
  • Paul Ryan: Ayn Rand Fan
  • Paul Ryan Discovers Father Dead
  • Paul Ryan: Devoted Family Man
  • Paul Ryan: Oscar Mayer Salesman
  • Paul Ryan and RomneyCare
  • Paul Ryan's Mobile Office
  • Paul Ryan and Sanctity of Human Life
  • Paul Ryan: A Good Sport
  • Paul Ryan and George W. Bush Budget Director Job Offer
  • Paul Ryan Tunes In to Tune out

Ayn Rand Fan

Paul Ryan is a long-time and avid fan of the Russian novelist, philosopher and atheist Ayn Rand, and has credited her as the reason he entered public service. This year, he rejected her controversial ideal of a society in which individuals doggedly pursue their own self-interests without concern for others and government doesn't meddle with human affairs.

(Photo: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)