Ten Memorable Debate Moments

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  • Debate Night in Denver
  • President George H.W. Bush
  • Lloyd Bentsen and Dan Quayle, Oct. 5, 1988
  • Adm. William Stockdale, Oct. 13, 1992
  • Al Gore, Oct. 13, 1992
  • Gov. Rick Perry
  • Ronald Reagan and Jimmy Carter, Oct. 28, 1980
  • Mitt Romney, Dec. 11, 2011
  • Rick Perry and Mitt Romney, Oct. 18, 2011
  • Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, Jan. 6, 2008
  • John McCain, Oct. 7, 2008

Debate Night in Denver

President Obama and Mitt Romney are heading into their first face-to-face meeting in five years. Despite efforts to downplay expectations, each is an experienced debater. Still, political observers wonder, who will have a Rick Perry "oops" moment or deliver a line like Ronald Reagan's "Are you better off?" that set a standard for future presidential contests. Here are some of the most memorable debate moments from the past. —Joyce Jones

(Photos from left: John Gurzinski/Getty Images, Jessica Kourkounis/Getty Images) 

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