Mitt Romney's Biggest Truths and Burning Lies

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  •  Claim: Romney Claims Obama Raised Taxes on the Middle Class
  • Claim: Obama Has Never Visited Israel as President
  • Claim: GM Used Bailout Money to Outsource Jobs to China
  • Claim: Obama Promised to Cut Deficit in Half
  • Claim: Obama's "Apology Tour"
  • Claim: Obama Failed to Deliver Immigration Bill in First Year
  • Claim: American's Income Has Declined Under Obama
  • Claim: "47 Percent of Americans Pay No Income Tax."
  • Claim: Obama Favors "Green Jobs" Over Education
  • Claim: Obama Bashed McCain for Cost-Saving Medicare Policies

Claim: Obama Promised to Cut Deficit in Half

TRUE: At a "Fiscal Responsibility Summit" in February 2009, President Obama did promise to cut the federal deficit in half by the end of his first term, so Romney was correct when he pointed out Obama's fault during their first debate. While the $1.1 trillion has made slow declines in recent months, it's nowhere near what Obama promised three and a half years ago..  (Photo: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

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