Mitt Romney's Biggest Truths and Burning Lies

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  • Claim: Obama Bashed McCain for Cost-Saving Medicare Policies
  •  Claim: Romney Claims Obama Raised Taxes on the Middle Class
  • Claim: Obama Has Never Visited Israel as President
  • Claim: GM Used Bailout Money to Outsource Jobs to China
  • Claim: Obama Promised to Cut Deficit in Half
  • Claim: Obama's "Apology Tour"
  • Claim: Obama Failed to Deliver Immigration Bill in First Year
  • Claim: American's Income Has Declined Under Obama
  • Claim: "47 Percent of Americans Pay No Income Tax."
  • Claim: Obama Favors "Green Jobs" Over Education

Claim: Obama Has Never Visited Israel as President

TRUE: In another campaign ad, the narrator points out that Obama hasn't visited Israel since becoming president of the United States while Romney pledges "to be a different kind of president who stands by our allies." It is true that Obama last visited Israel as a candidate in 2008, although seven of the 11 last sitting presidents never visited the country, either.

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