Fact Check: Obama's Biggest Truths and Burning Lies

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  • Romney and Ryan Backed Laws Outlawing Abortion
  • Tax Rates for the Wealthy Won't Exceed 1993 Levels
  • Romney "Would Turn Medicare Into a Voucher Program."
  • Mitt Romney Fully Endorsed Arizona Immigration Law
  • As Governor, Mitt Romney Had “One of the Worst Economic Records in the Country.”
  • Tax Loopholes Encourage Companies to Outsources Jobs
  • Romney Supports Employer's Moral Decisions Regarding Birth Control
  • Mitt Romney Paid Less Taxes Than You
  • BET.com fact-checks President Obama
  • Romney Wants to Add $2 Trillion to Defense Budget
  • Obama Says Romney Wants $5 Trillion Tax Cut

Claim: Romney "Would Turn Medicare Into a Voucher Program."

Mostly True: Fact-checkers say Obama's voucher claim is a reasonable way to describe the Romney-Ryan plan, which allows beneficiaries "the choice of receiving a fixed subsidy from the federal government that could go toward a private insurance plan or a plan similar to traditional Medicare," Politifact.com writes. It isn't clear whether the premium plan would cover the same benefits as traditional Medicare.  

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