French Politician Launches “N----s in Paris” Campaign Ad

Presidential candidate François Hollande’s three-minute YouTube appeal uses the explicit version of the Watch the Throne single to get youth and minority votes. "That s---t cray."

Posted: 04/11/2012 02:31 PM EDT

Hoping to ride the waves of Kanye West and Jay-Z’s ever popular single “N----s in Paris” right into France’s highest office, French presidential candidate François Hollande has put the track to a music video styled montage of scenes from him on the campaign trail…featuring a whole lot of Black folks.

The three-minute video clip plays most of the explicit track, which not only gratuitously uses the N-word, but a host of other profanities that are likely recognized by non-native English speakers. Other than Kanye's and Jay’s verses, the clip also features short comments from Hollande’s supporters. Although people of all races are featured in the clip, an overwhelming majority are Black and Arab.

The video, 48 H Avec FH (which stands for "48 Hours With François Hollande") has garnered 28,000 hits on YouTube since its release Tuesday, and as of Wednesday afternoon, the video has a sizable number of “dislikes.” Apparently Hollande has used the youthful appeal to up the ante in favor of his candidacy ahead of the April 22 presidential elections.

Hollande’s choice of song is a curious one given the current racial tensions occurring in France. Just Wednesday, lawyers representing a group of 15 people of Black and Arab descent announced they will sue the French government for racial profiling. A commentary featured on French news site France 24 also note that the flashy, braggadocio style of the ad is in direct conflict with the austere, socialist platform Hollande is running on.


However, although the France 24 blog derided Hollande for the ad, it also managed to simultaneously call him the pejorative slang term “wigger.”


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