U.S. Draft Proposes Sanctions for Sudan, South Sudan

United Nations Ambassador Susan Rice says that "a few days of talks" lie ahead before the Security Council will vote on whether to adopt the measure. 

Posted: 04/27/2012 02:12 PM EDT

The United States circulated a draft resolution at the United Nations Thursday proposing sanctions for both Sudan and South Sudan if they refuse to comply with the African Union’s plans for peace.

"The intention of the text was to provide swift and substantive support to the decisions of the African Union in the form that the African Union requested," U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Susan Rice, told reporters.

Wednesday, the African Union Peace and Security Council demanded both nations withdraw their forces from the disputed border region and stop making inflammatory statements that would fuel the conflict.

According to Reuters, the draft resolution reaffirms the A.U. demands and warns both nations of the U.N.’s “determination, in the event that one or both of the parties have not complied, to take appropriate additional measures” under the provision of the U.N. charter which authorizes sanctions.

Rice said the 15-nation Security Council began discussing the resolution on Thursday and that talks would continue for a few more days before the council votes on whether to adopt the measure.

In response to the draft, Sudan’s U.N. Ambassador Daffa-Alla Elhag Ali Osman told reporters that the council should focus its gaze on South Sudan, who it blames for stoking the conflict.
"We have been the victim during this last aggression," he said, calling Sudan the “victim."

Although the Sudanese government and the ruling party of South Sudan have been at odds for years, with ongoing reports of Sudan bombing parts of South Sudan, their unease escalated into a full-scale conflict earlier this month when South Sudan invaded the oil-rich, border town of Helgig, to which both countries lay claim.

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