Brit Jailed in Uganda for Being Gay

In the African nation, homosexuality is a crime.

Posted: 11/20/2013 07:10 PM EST

For this retired, 65-year-old who was on holiday in Uganda, the future is uncertain. Police officials arrested Bernard Randall for being gay after images of him engaging in sex with another man were leaked to the police.  

In Uganda, homosexuality is a crime, and if found guilty Randall could be jailed for two years.   International human rights groups are protesting his arrest and are calling on Uganda's government for his immediate release.

The other man in the images with Randall is Ugandan Albert Cheptoyek; he was also arrested and detained. Talking to a BBC reporter, Randall described his experience as "horrifying."

In spite of international condemnation, the Ugandan parliament is seeking to increase penalties against gays. 

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(Photo: AFP PHOTO/Isaac Kasamani)

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