More Dead Birds and Sea Life Across the World

More Dead Birds and Sea Life Across the World

Published January 6, 2011

Though we hate to beat a dead bird, still more instances of mass animal graves in the new year seem to be giving credence to some of the doomsday theories seen in films like 2012.

Just days after thousands of birds fell dead in Alabama and tens of thousands of fish floated to the top of the Alabama River, hundreds more birds have fallen out of the sky, lifeless, in Louisiana. Prior to that, another flock of birds turned up dead in Kentucky, but they went previously unreported until the more recent instances popped up.

And it doesn’t end there. In Maryland’s Chesapeake Bay, an estimated two million dead fish were found dead on Tuesday, with wildlife experts predicting “cold-weather stress” as the culprit. Weather is also being blamed for a fish kill in New Zealand, where hundreds of snapper were found dead at the Cormandel Peninsula,

Unexplainable thus far, however, are the 100 tons of assorted fish that washed ashore in Brazil, terrifying fisherman and onlookers alike.

Also, lest you should think it’s just the fish and birds dying, 40,000 crabs turned up dead in England this week. Like the fish in Maryland, it’s assumed that the crabs perished from hypothermia in unprecedentedly cold waters.



Written by Cord Jefferson


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