Africa's Oil: A Blessing or a Curse?

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Angola: “Africa’s Dubai”

Trying to create “Africa’s Dubai,” Angola has used its immense oil wealth to fuel development projects in and around its capital city of Luanda. According to the IMF, Angola’s GDP per capita in 2010 was $4,328, among the highest in Africa. However, despite the building boom, not all Angolans feel that the country’s wealth is for all.

“The leaders have forgotten us, they are just building for themselves,” said Samuel Quitangui, according to Reuters.

However, President Dos Santos, Africa’s second longest-serving ruler, says that all Angolans have to do is look around to see how the oil revenue is working for them.

“To those who say they don’t see the benefits, I say no. It’s with that money that we build roads, bridges, hospitals and give scholarships,” Dos Santos said.

(Photo: REUTERS/Rafael Marchante)

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