10 Ways Africa Can Revolutionize Agriculture

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  • Growing Africa's Agriculture
  • The Key to Economic Prosperity
  • Banding Together Against Land Grabs
  • Empowering the Poor and Vulnerable
  • Refurbishing Individual Land Rights
  • Increasing Efficiency Through Modern Tools
  • Reconciling Land Feuds for Stability
  • Developing an Aptitude to Govern
  • Collaborating on Taxation
  • Balancing Individual Rights and Public Interests
  • Making Good Use of State-Owned Land
  • Promoting Good Governance and Conflict Management

Banding Together Against Land Grabs

Many African farmers use communal land, territory historically owned by a community rather than an individual. Because these age-old areas are not considered private property, but instead state property, these territories are vulnerable to land grabs. To protect farmer’s rights to use communal lands, the report advises that farmers organize and authenticate communal groups, as well as demarcate boundaries and register communal rights.

(Photo: REUTERS/Joe Penney)


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