A Quick Guide to the Zimbabwean Presidential Elections

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  • President Robert Mugabe
  • Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai
  • A Presidential Win
  • A Partnership Divided
  • Controversy Around the New Constitution
  • The Other Contenders
  • The Crucial Voting Issue
  • An Impoverished State
  • Money and Diamonds
  • Where Do They Stand
  • To Protect and to Serve
  • Looking Forward
  • A Repeat of 2008?
  • Voting Day
  • A Fair Fight or a Farce?
  • Violence in Rural Areas Goes Underreported
  • Challenger Calls Fraud

A Presidential Win

Once Tsvangirai dropped out of the running, President Robert Mugabe emerged victorious in the run-off. Facing international pressure to avoid further divisions in Zimbabwe, Mugabe agreed to assign Tsvangirai the prime minister position.


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