A Quick Guide to the Zimbabwean Presidential Elections

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  • The Other Contenders
  • The Crucial Voting Issue
  • An Impoverished State
  • Money and Diamonds
  • Where Do They Stand
  • To Protect and to Serve
  • Looking Forward
  • A Repeat of 2008?
  • Voting Day
  • A Fair Fight or a Farce?
  • Violence in Rural Areas Goes Underreported
  • Challenger Calls Fraud
  • President Robert Mugabe
  • Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai
  • A Presidential Win
  • A Partnership Divided
  • Controversy Around the New Constitution

An Impoverished State

By late 2008, Zimbabwe’s inflation had escalated to an annual rate of 250,000,000 percent, reported BBC News. The economy stabilized once the Mugabe-Tsvangirai coalition was made, resulting in an annual growth rate of approximately 5 percent and an end to hyperinflation. This economic growth was largely attributed to the allowance of the U.S. dollar and the South African rand throughout Zimbabwe, where the national currency had become useless.

(Photo: John Moore/Getty Images)

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