Game Changers: 10 Historic Political Protests Worldwide

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  • The Storming of the Bastille (France)
  • Arab Spring (Middle East & North Africa)
  • The Peace Moratorium (U.S.)
  • French Trucker Roadblocks (France)
  • The Occupy Movement (Worldwide)
  • Power in Numbers
  • Gandhi's Salt March (India)
  • South Africa's National Day of Protest (South Africa)
  • 1956 March of Women (South Africa)
  • Soweto Uprising (South Africa)
  • Tiananmen Square Protests (China)
  • Berlin Wall Protests (Germany)
  • Iraq War Protests (Worldwide)
  • The Orange Revolution (Ukraine)

French Trucker Roadblocks (France)

When French truckers protest, they use their largest defense: their massive trucks. Over the past decade, these vehicular workers have launched several protests against national issues, such as pension reform and fuel price hikes, by blockading the roads and disrupting international freight, travel and business.


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