What You Need to Know About the Syrian Conflict

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  • Syrian Refresher
  • How It All Began
  • From Peace to Bloodshed
  • Millions Displaced
  • In Need of Aid
  • Proxy War
  • Peace in the Middle East
  • Claims of Chemical Attacks
  • A “Moral Obscenity”
  • A Crucial Decision
  • Where World Leaders Stand
  • Will Obama Wait on the U.N.?
  • Moving Forward
  • Britain: Syria Attack Would Be Justified
  • Kerry: The Attack Was an “Inconceivable Horror”
  • Inconsistent Allies
  • International Critics Speak Out
  • An Unannounced Test
  • Seeking Congress' Support
  • Senate Panel Gives the Greenlight
  • #AssadPromotesHisPresidency
  • G20 Meets in Russia
  • Obama Heads to TV
  • Rose and Assad
  • My Fellow Americans
  • Russia: Put Down Your Weapons
  • What's Happening in Syria?

From Peace to Bloodshed

As the demonstrators became more resolute, the government crackdown worsened. On March 18, 2011, the army opened fire on protesters, killing four people. At the victims’ funerals the next day, the army shot at mourners, killing one. The jailed youths were eventually freed, but the unrest had already spread throughout the country thanks to social media. Despite calls for him to leave, President al-Assad refuses to step down.

(Photo: Jalaa Marey/JINI/Getty Images)

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