Bikelordz Spotlights Ghana's Young, Fresh BMX Scene

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  • Innovative Bikers
  • What's in a Name?
  • Fit For a King
  • Universal Audience
  • From Montana to Accra
  • Learning from the Crew
  • Inspirational Biking
  • BMX Lands in Ghana
  • Chale Wote Dancers
  • Meet the Crew
  • Razak: The Wild One
  • Abrokwah: The Elder
  • Osman & Fii: Generation BMX
  • The Coveted 360
  • Sight Man: The Teacher
  • Computer Man & Rashid: Tag Team Tricksters
  • A Hometown Star
  • The Bigger Picture
  • Showcasing the Incredible
  • The Mission
  • Handstands and Backflips

Fit for a King

“The title Bikelordz specifically was inspired by the name of a Pure Water company,” said Hart. “Pure Water is these little plastic bags of purified water that are sold everywhere in Accra, in traffic on the streets, in shops, etc. Anyway, we were having a laugh about one Pure Water logo that we had in downtown Accra called Wetlord and the Bikelordz title just came out of all that: having fun but being regal.”

(Photo: Bikelordz)

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