Bikelordz Spotlights Ghana's Young, Fresh BMX Scene

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  • What's in a Name?
  • Fit For a King
  • Universal Audience
  • From Montana to Accra
  • Learning from the Crew
  • Inspirational Biking
  • BMX Lands in Ghana
  • Chale Wote Dancers
  • Meet the Crew
  • Razak: The Wild One
  • Abrokwah: The Elder
  • Osman & Fii: Generation BMX
  • The Coveted 360
  • Sight Man: The Teacher
  • Computer Man & Rashid: Tag Team Tricksters
  • A Hometown Star
  • The Bigger Picture
  • Showcasing the Incredible
  • The Mission
  • Handstands and Backflips
  • Innovative Bikers

Universal Audience

Why do you think Bikelordz has resonated so well with audiences?

The Bikelordz story, to us, is bigger than just a film full of rad bike tricks. Of course that's there, but we're also trying to underscore the importance of doing your own thing, even if it’s a struggle of being creative and determined without a well-traveled path.

(Photo: Bikelordz)

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