Remembering Steve Biko: A Champion of Black Consciousness

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  • Philosophical Brothers
  • Biko's Brutal Last Days
  • The World Responds
  • Woods Fights for Truth
  • Wilson's Short Biko Bio
  • Showcasing a Pivotal Figure
  • Google Exhibits Biko's Life
  • Biko's Legacy Lives On
  • A Fundamental Freedom Fighter
  • Biko's Educational Background
  • An Innate Knack for Leading
  • Leaving an Indelible Mark

The World Responds

International protests and a U.N. embargo on arms placed Biko’s death onto the global stage. Many rejected the alleged cause (a hunger strike) of his death. It was not until two decades later that a police colonel and four officers admitted the true cause of his death to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, and were ultimately denied amnesty in 1999.

(Photo: STF/AFP/GettyImages)

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