Remembering Steve Biko: A Champion of Black Consciousness

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  • The World Responds
  • Woods Fights for Truth
  • Wilson's Short Biko Bio
  • Showcasing a Pivotal Figure
  • Google Exhibits Biko's Life
  • Biko's Legacy Lives On
  • A Fundamental Freedom Fighter
  • Biko's Educational Background
  • An Innate Knack for Leading
  • Leaving an Indelible Mark
  • Philosophical Brothers
  • Biko's Brutal Last Days

Wilson's Short Biko Bio

Author Lindy Wilson wrote one of the few — albeit short — published biographies on Biko. Her 2011 book, Steve Biko, argues that the young South African was fundamental to the reawakening and transformation of South African in the second half of the 20th century.

(Photo: Courtesy of Ohio University Press)

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