The Dark Side of International Adoption

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  • A Drastic Drop
  • Who's Monitoring International Adoption?
  • The Vulnerable Victims
  • Forced into Adoption
  • Save the Children
  • Vietnam
  • An Advocate for Adoption Abroad
  • Guatemala
  • Cambodia
  • Haiti
  • More Money, More Problems
  • Helping or Hurting?
  • A Rising Trend
  • The Rich & the Famous

The Vulnerable Victims

Earlier this month, Carri Williams, a U.S. adoptive mother, was found guilty of homicide after starving her 13-year-old Ethiopian-born daughter Hana Williams and locking her outside in the cold, where she died of hypothermia. William's husband was convicted of manslaughter. That tragic case and recent others, including the death of 3-year-old Russian adoptee Max Shatto, have spotlighted the dark side of international adoption.

(Photo: Courtesy of ABC News)

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