Murky Waters: A Look at Piracy Attacks

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  • Maritime Crime
  • Two Americans Abducted on Southern Nigerian Coast
  • Somalia Pirates Hijack Greek Oil Tanker
  • French Oil Tank Hijacked by Somali Pirates
  • Crew Trapped at Sea for 1,000 Days Rescued From Pirates
  • Somali Pirates Hijack British Couple From Yacht
  •  Pirates Attack Cruise Ship Register to the Bahamas
  • Somali Pirates Release Hi-Jacked Chemical tank After a Year
  • Somali Pirates Hold Japanese Tanker for Ransom
  • Capt. Richard Phillips and the Maersk Alabama
  • Asian Pirates Target Oil Treasure

Somalia Pirates Hijack Greek Oil Tanker

A Greek-owned oil tanker carrying close to a million barrels of crude oil was hijacked by Somali pirates in May 2012. The tanker, sailing close to the Horn of Africa, thwarted the first attack attempted, but could not hold off the 10 armed pirates for a second time. 

(Photo: Brad Martin/Getty Images)

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