Murky Waters: A Look at Piracy Attacks

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  •  Pirates Attack Cruise Ship Register to the Bahamas
  • Somali Pirates Release Hi-Jacked Chemical tank After a Year
  • Somali Pirates Hold Japanese Tanker for Ransom
  • Capt. Richard Phillips and the Maersk Alabama
  • Asian Pirates Target Oil Treasure
  • Maritime Crime
  • Two Americans Abducted on Southern Nigerian Coast
  • Somalia Pirates Hijack Greek Oil Tanker
  • French Oil Tank Hijacked by Somali Pirates
  • Crew Trapped at Sea for 1,000 Days Rescued From Pirates
  • Somali Pirates Hijack British Couple From Yacht

Capt. Richard Phillips and the Maersk Alabama

The MV Maersk Alabama contained 17 crew members when it was high-jacked of the Somali coast by four teenage Somali pirates in April 2009. Captain Richard Phillips was taken hostage and held captive on a life boat. The hostage situation came to an end a few days later when U.S. Naval forces killed three pirates and rescued Phillips.  A film based on the story is in theaters now.

(Photo: Jeff Snyder/FilmMagic/Getty Images)

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