Corruption in Africa by Numbers

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  • Police officers considered to be among the most corrupt.
  • Sierra Leone tops survey for most bribes paid.
  • The less well off is the group most affected by corruption.
  • Quality of life plays a role in corruption perception.
  • Is paying a bribe the only way to get things done in Africa?
  • Bribery, a major problem in Nigeria.
  • Bribes paid for access to health care.
  • Those in Mali's legal profession deemed most corrupt.
  • Corruption in Africa by Numbers
  • Confidence in Governments Low Throughout Africa

The Less Well Off Is the Group Most Affected by Corruption

The survey also revealed that poor people pay more bribes than those who are well off. 

Thirteen percent of poor people were likely to have paid a bribe to secure a school place.  

(Photo: REUTERS/Akintunde Akinleye)

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