Nelson Mandela's "Irreversible" March to Freedom

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  • Mandela's Administration Brings Revolutionary Change
  • Creating a Diverse Government
  • Drafting a Brand New South Africa
  • Dressing Apartheid Wounds With Truth and Reconciliation
  • Restoring Land Confiscated During Apartheid
  • Protecting the Rights of Farm Workers
  • Uniting the Nation at the Rugby World Cup
  • Improving the Skills of Workers
  • Regulating the Rights of Trade Unions
  • Enforcing Children’s Right to Health Care
  • Providing Education Accessible to South African Youth

Drafting a Brand New South Africa

A new South African constitution, which Mandela helped to oversee and implement, was enacted in 1996. Included in the noteworthy changes were the prohibition of discrimination against minorities and the realization of a democratic government centered on majority rule.
(Photo: STR New/Reuters)

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