A Look at What's Happening in Ukraine

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  • A New President
  • Russia Sanctions Intensified
  • Country Divided Over Its Future Policy
  • Russia Has Special Interest in Ukraine
  • Protesters Begin Demanding Yanukovych Resign
  • Russia Continues to Push for Loyalty from Ukraine
  • President Signs Law Banning Anti-Government Protests
  • Protests Erupt Throughout Western Ukraine
  • Prime Minister Mykola Azarov Steps Down
  • Amnesty Deal Reached Between Opposition and Government
  • Clashes Break Out After Constitution Debate Is Shut Down
  • 100 Dead, 500 Injured
  • Yulia Tymoshenko Released
  • Where Is Viktor Yanukovych?
  • "There Will Be Costs"
  • Kerry Heads to Ukraine
  • Obama Seeking Sanctions
  • The Barrel of a Gun
  • A Landslide Win
  • Crimea Joins Russia
  • Obama Delivers on His Warning
  • Group of Seven
  • Presidential Elections
  • NATO Cuts Ties
  • Admitting Mistakes
  • Continued Unrest
  • Three Dead
  • An Agreement in Geneva
  • Three Killed At Pro-Russian Checkpoint
  • Damning Proof?
  • Another Building Seized
  • Prisoners of Crisis
  • Blair on Shifting Gears

A New President

Billionaire and candy tycoon Petro Poroshenko declared victory by a landslide with 54 percent of the votes in the Ukraine presidential elections on May 25. An ongoing bloody assault on pro-Russian rebels by Ukrainian aircraft and paratroopers soon followed. More than 50 separatists were killed, posing a major challenge to President Vladimir Putin. Take a look at what’s happening in Ukraine and why there is unrest there.— Patrice Peck and Natelege Whaley 

(Photo: AP Photo/Mykola Lazarenko, Pool)

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