FAQ: Crisis in South Sudan

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  • Machar on the Run
  • Dinka vs. Nuer: A History of Bloodshed?
  • Ethnic Cleansing?
  • What Is the Reason Behind the Violence?
  • Nobody's Safe
  • U.S. Marines Sent to Evacuate More Americans
  • Mass Graves and More U.N. Troops
  • Weeks of Violence Affects the Economy
  • U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon Delivers a Christmas Message
  • European Union Gets Involved
  • Neighboring African Nations Join Forces to Mediate Tensions
  • Ceasefire Signed
  • Kicked Out
  • A Slaughter in Bentiu
  • Sanctions & Peace Talks
  • Famine Fears
  • Sudanese-Americans Fear the Worst
  • How You Can Help South Sudanese Refugees
  • Violence in South Sudan: A Timeline
  • Years of Warfare Leave Little Hope for Peace
  • The Birth of a New Nation
  • A Shaky Foundation Paves the Way for Future Downfall
  • An Attempted Coup
  • Curfew Imposed
  • From Failed Coup to Nationwide Violence
  • Kiir vs. Machar
  • Parties Divided

Ethnic Cleansing?

While Kiir insists that the fighting is strictly politics driven, many of the more than 45,000 civilians seeking refuge on U.N. camps say they are being targeted based on their ethnicities. More than 500 people have died since Dec. 15 and thousands are displaced. Additionally, officials say that various Nuer allies are siding with Machar while Dinka are loyal to Kiir.

(Photo: AP Photo/UNMISS/Rolla Hinedi)

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