Being Black Abroad: All About Taking Your Education Worldwide

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Fuschia Ray: New York Universty, Buenos Aires, Argentina 2014

The Good: "At moments I was flattered by Argentina’s appreciation for my dark skin. There were days when I wished for the U.S. to be as willing to see the beauty in my skin as the Argentines. It was refreshing to be celebrated rather than ignored or disrespected."

The Bad: "But then I realized that the disrespect hadn’t disappeared; it had just changed its face. This so often made me feel as though they saw me as a freak in front of a crowd of white faces. [...] In one experience I had with a group of Argentine girls, I was bombarded with the lyrics to Shakira’s 'Waka Waka –This Time for Africa,' while they laughed at my irritation and panic."  (Photo: Courtesy of Fuschia Ray)

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