World Lens — Week in Review: July 26

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  • Haitians sue U.S. Catholic school over sexual abuse
  • Caribbean nations send 300 delegates to AIDS 2012
  • Cuba’s cancels carnival parades over cholera outbreak
  • Holy month of Ramadan begins
  • Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir
  • America’s religious right touts anti-gay laws in Africa
  • Drug-resistant AIDS poses an increased threat
  • Ghana’s President John Atta Mills dies at age 68
  • British newspaper The Voice was granted access to the 2012 Olympic games.
  • Oprah Winfrey visits India
  • Nine Ivorian women sentenced over genital mutilation

Cholera Rains on Cuba’s Carnival Parades

Last week, Cuban authorities suspended the country’s traditional summer carnivals slated to take place in the eastern cities of Bayamo and Manzanillo due to an outbreak of cholera in the region.

(Photo: REUTERS/Sophia Paris/MINUSTAH /Landov)

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